7 Reasons why Supply Teaching is a great choice for an Early Career Teacher (ECT)

7 Reasons why Supply Teaching is a great choice for an Early Career Teacher (ECT)

Hannah Callaway
by Hannah Callaway
Published on Dec 14, 2023
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Embarking upon a career as a teacher is an exciting, yet challenging, journey. For ECT’s (Early Career Teachers) one path worth considering is joining the world of supply teaching.

Whilst it might seem like an unconventional choice at first, especially when your classmates are applying for any job at any school, there are several reasons why being a supply teacher here at Supply Plus can be a rewarding and enriching experience.


1.   Professional Growth

Supply teaching will see you enter a variety of classrooms, each with its unique set of opportunities and challenges. The constant exposure to change increases your adaptability, helping you to develop your own versatile teaching style from early on in your career.


2.  Networking

One key advantage of supply teaching is the opportunity to build a network of educational professionals. Working in a variety of schools every week introduces you to: teachers, support staff, administrators and senior leaders which could become invaluable for future long-term opportunities.  


3.  Try Before You Buy

Plymouth is home to a variety of schools –large three-form entry schools, small 2 class schools, rural schools, inner city schools and suburban schools, primary schools, infant schools, junior schools, nurseries and pre-schools.

What better way to identify the type of learning environment you’ll thrive in, than trying them all?!  Think of it as a try before you buy system… this will really help you to make informed decisions about your long-term career path.


4.  The all-important work-life balance

The flexibility of supply teaching provides an ideal work life balance for Early Career Teachers. Our Supply Plus calendar system allows you to have full control over when you are available for work –giving you the freedom to be available for a morning or afternoon only booking or a full day, if you prefer.


5. Focus on the teaching

Supply teaching provides a real opportunity to hone and refine your teaching and pedagogical skills. Allowing time for self-reflection and evaluation, without the extra administrative responsibilities.


6. Magpie, as Pie says!

Soak up the variety of schools, classrooms, displays, attention grabbers, routines, games, activities, lesson plans, topics, books (the list is endless) and magpie the ones you like best! Take a notebook and write them down, in case you forget!


7. Impact on Students

Supply teachers often bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the classrooms they enter. As an Early Career teacher, the ability to make an immediate impact on students can be incredibly rewarding.

To apply for supply teaching opportunities in the Plymouth area, with Supply Plus please visit https://supplyplus.org.uk/