How We Work with You

When you join Supply Plus as a supply teacher, you’re part of a connected and supportive team. We’re a temporary staffing agency that genuinely cares about education – and about the dedicated people who commit their time and energy to delivering it.

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Why work for Supply Plus?

Stepping in as temporary cover can be an interesting and varied way to work as a teacher – and doing it with Supply Plus ensures you’re well supported and rewarded. Here are some of the advantages:


The variety and flexibility of working across different school settings on days that work with your availability.


A fair rate of pay. Supply Plus is run to benefit schools, pupils and teachers, not to maximise profits, and unlike commercial agencies, we don’t charge commissions.


Supply work offers the chance to try different workplaces – which can be a great introduction to teaching for ECTs, and can lead to permanent roles where a teacher and a school are a good match.


We can help you to present your credentials for possible school placements and provide support to get you started in a supply teaching role.


While some teachers work with Supply Plus in the short term for experience, others enjoy this way of working so much, they stay with us for many years.

Frequently asked questions

What PLP's values mean for schools

We welcome and act on feedback about bookings to ensure the best matching for schools and supply teachers.

Supply Plus provides thorough support and training to supply teachers to help them perform at their best.

Our progressive approach to supplying staff delivers great value for schools and fair pay for teachers.

The positive relationships we have with both schools and supply teachers leads to successful bookings.

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